Nesmith Library

Windham, New Hampshire

Solar Installation

We’re proud to announce that the Town of Windham has expanded our community's commitment to sustainability with the addition of a solar array on the roof of Nesmith Library.  To see what our system is producing, both today and across its lifetime, visit the live monitoring website.

This is a snapshot from 10/29/2022, visit the live monitoring website for the current display and energy production.

The Windham Local Energy Committee, Town of Windham, and Nesmith Library partnered with ReVision Energy, based in Brentwood, NH, to install a roof top solar system on our library over the course of 2022. The system was connected to the grid in October 2022. The 92.5-kilowatt solar project is comprised of 257 panels and will generate over 96,553 kilowatt-hours of clean, solar energy every year.

When the sun is shining, the solar array produces electricity that is either used in real-time by the building, or fed back to the grid where it benefits our community (and earns us a credit). Each year, the system will offset 94,718 pounds of carbon, the equivalent of over120,876 miles driven in a gas-powered car.

This project was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which means the Town of Windham paid no upfront fee to install the solar panels. Instead, an investor paid for the upfront cost while the Town pays for the power generated from the project each month, rather than paying for power from the grid. After some time, the Town can opt to buy the system from the investor at a significantly lower price and own all the solar power generated outright. For further details, please contact the Town of Windham Local Energy Committee

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