Nesmith Library

Windham, New Hampshire

Community Information & Exhibits

To address the role of the Library as a community activities and information center, designated bulletin board, display and other areas are open to organizations or individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities that would be of interest to the members of the Windham community:

  • Bulletin board space is available in the Library foyer for the display of notices and posters. 
  • Space within the Library may be available for the distribution of free materials, for example flyers, which contain information of potential use to Windham residents.
  • The display case near the front door, and other spaces, may be available to set up a display or an exhibition.  A Windham organization or individual must complete a “Display and Exhibit Request and Release Form” (attached below). 

Not all requests for use of Library space will be able to be honored.  For a complete understanding of the purposes, restrictions, and requirements for the use of Library space, please read the Community Activities & Information Center Policy.

All items placed in the library for display or exhibit are done so at the risk of the individual or sponsoring organization.

The use of the Nesmith Library for display or exhibit does not imply advocacy or endorsement by the Nesmith Library or the Town of Windham.



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