Nesmith Library

Windham, New Hampshire

For Teachers

The Nesmith Library seeks to act as a resource for Windham public school teachers and their students.  To that end, we offer the following:

  • Library Cards: Town of Windham employees, who are not residents of Windham, are eligible for library cards. A current school ID or a paystub is needed to register.  Cards are valid for the current school year and must be renewed on a yearly basis. 
  • Special Projects: If you have assigned a special project, it would be helpful if you could email the children's librarian or young adult librarian a copy of the assignment.  Many children come to the Library to do their projects, but, are often unprepared.  If we can be made aware of the scope and focus of the project, then we are better able to assist your students.  If you contact the Library by phone at 432-7154 or email we may be able to pull resources and place them in a designated space for the students’ convenience.


The Library occasionally offers programs about children's literature or other subjects of interest for teachers.  If you will be attending, and wish to receive professional development credit, please send us an email prior to the program so that we can have the paperwork ready for you.