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Share Your COVID-19 Story

Nesmith Library is gathering stories from our community about your experience of this unique time. This collection will be made available to the public in the near future and will be retained for historical research. By responding you are giving the Nesmith Library permission to archive your story. Please use the form below to respond. Thank you for participating in this project!

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Questions: Please answer any that pertain to your experience.

  • Please tell us your first name, to be included with your submission in our archive.
  • We may organize submissions by age group. Which applies to you? (If a child is responding with the help of a caregiver, use their age group.)
    • Options: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, New Adult (ages 18-30), Adult (ages 30-60), Senior
  • Where are you quarantined?
  • What have you been doing during this pandemic?
  • Have you tried something "new" during this time? If so, what?
  • People say that something good comes from something bad. What are some of the positives that have come from this historic event?
  • Have you tried a new recipe? If so, please describe or share the recipe here.
  • Did you read while staying home? If so, what was the best thing you read during this time?
  • Have your family or friends shared interesting stories while you’ve been spending more time together? Did you learn anything new about people you live with?
  • Are there any other personal experiences related to the pandemic that you would like to share?
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