Nesmith Library

Windham, New Hampshire

The Library Is Being Recarpeted!

The Library moved into its present location 20 years ago and the carpeting is showing some wear and buckling.  It is time for a new carpet!  The recarpeting project  will involve the moving of furniture and computers, ripping out of old material, and laying down the new carpet.  In order to accomplish this with a minimum of health and safety risks to the public, the Library will be closed all day on Friday, September 22.  It will be open for Saturday and Sunday hours, but areas may be restricted, and, there will be no public computers available.  It will be closed again on Monday, September 25, all day, as the the project shifts into high gear. 

The Library will remain open to the public, from September 26-October 1, but with some areas, services, and computers unavailable.  On Monday, October 2, the Library will be closed to the public in order to complete the project.  For the period October 3 - 6, public computers will remain unavailable.  Please note: the closed dates are subject to change.  There may be additional disruptions, but we hope to keep them at a minimum.  Check back here or our Facebook page for updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience!