What would we do without them?!

volunteer poster

In 2008, 24 Nesmith Library Volunteers shelved OVER 200,000 ITEMS!!

The Technical Advisory Committee assisted in numerous ways to keep the library's network humming, and the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees continued their strong support for the Library and its Staff.

On April 24, 2009, the Nesmith Library Volunteers were honored for their dedicated service to the Library.

Windham Volunteer Award Plaque

Town Administrator David Sullivan was on hand to assist with the festivities, particularly because in March, 2009, the 2008 Windham Volunteer of the Year Award was given to the Nesmith Library Volunteers!

Some of our volunteers!

Below, Nesmith Library Director Carl Heidenblad, Town Administrator David Sullivan, and Volunteer Coordinators Barbara Nagle and Terrie Marietta present the volunteers with tokens of the Library's appreciation.

Some of our super Teen Volunteers!

The Library Volunteer Program runs smoothly and efficiently under the guidance of Nesmith Library Staff Members Barbara Nagle and Terrie Marietta.

Nesmith Library Board Member and New Hampshire Representative Carolyn B. Webber was on hand to honor the volunteers (of course she is an elected volunteer herself!).

And a delicious CAKE completed the celebration!

cake photo



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updated 04/27/09