Teen Murder Mystery Night

An evening of fun, murder, mystery  - and snacks!


Can you solve the crime?

An interesting cast of characters gathered to defend themselves against the crime of MURDER....And who was killed but the Library Director....OH NO!!!!!!!

The teens gathered for instructions...the CRIME, the EVIDENCE found around the body....possible CRIME SCENES....AND the list of SUSPECTS:

Back, l to r : Talulah Toonsbury, wealthy patron; Barb Dwyer, Sweet supporter of the library; Jean Poole, Youth Librarian. Front, l to r : Christ Coe, Teen (juvenile delinquent); Tickles the Clown

Barb Dwyer, Library Volunteer

Talulah Toonsbury, Wealthy Patron

Chris Coe, Juvenile Delinquent/Library Volunteer

Tickles the Clown

Jean Poole, Children's Librarian/Artist


The teens examined the crime scenes.....lots of clues!....including COOKIES.....





Then the Interrogation started!



hmmmmmm....could this be BRIBERY?????

You can't think that I did it!! I LOVE the library!!

All right!  All right!  I killed him with my cookies!!

Great Fun!

And now to enjoy some really delicious (and non-lethal!) cookies!