Granite State Zoo presented

"A World Full of Wild Tails"

Children met live animals up close and personal, with a fascinating presentation of animals from around the world!

An adorable baby Bobcat opened the show!


An Argentine Tegu, cousin of the American alligator, represented the Reptile family --- and South America!

An attentive audience was introduced to a young Arctic Fox

who is beginning to grow white fur on his feet and in his ears :

Next, "Fiona," a stunning African Crested Porcupine :


Everyone was eager to gently stroke this Eclectus Parrot from the Solomon Islands.

And for the Grande Finale....."Medusa" a 145-pound Adult Burmese Python!
Parents, librarians, and a strong youngster got to hold Medusa!

And then, anyone who wanted to pet the Python had the opportunity!


After the program, the baby bobcat had a little freedom and decided to check out a librarian!

[photo courtesy of M. Kalenderian]


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updated 07/29/11