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The Nesmith Library recognizes that there are many successful small businesses in Windham, and that many more are being dreamed about or are on the drawing board.  This guide will list resources available in the library and online for those planning to embark on a new business and for those who need assistance with aspects of their established businesses.  There are resources on types of small businesses, formulating business plans, financing, handling bookkeeping, how to run particular types of business, and a few titles on well-known figures who have “made it big” to inspire you!


Making the Decision : Which business to choose?


650 BAR   Barkemeyer, Erica.  80+ great ideas for making money at home: a guide for the first-time entrepreneur. c1992


658 ALL   Allon, Janet.  Turn your passion into profits : by Janet Allon and the editors of Victoria magazine. c2001


658 ALT   Anthony, Joseph.  Kiplinger’s Working for yourself: full time, part time, anytime. 2nd revised edition. c1995


658.02 GER   Gerber, Michael E.   The E-myth revisited: why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it. c1995.


658.114 APP   Applegate, Jane.  201 Great Ideas for your Small Business, revised and updated edition. c2002


658.111 EDW  Edwards, Paul and Sarah.  Home Businesses You Can Buy. C1997


658.4 PRI   101+ Answers to the Most Frequently asked Questions from Entrepreneurs. c1999


R 658.8 FRA   The 2004 Franchise Annual. c2004


658.8 KIN   Kinch, John E.  Franchising: the Inside Story: How to Start your own Business and Succeed! c1986



Acting on Your Decision: The Business Plan  - How do you start?


346.73 COO  Cooke, Robert A.  Small Business Formation Handbook. c1999


346.744  ONE  O’Neill, Julia K.  How to Start a Business in Massachusetts: with Forms, 2nd edition. c2000


650 BUS   Busse, Erwin.  The Business Plan: First Step to Success: a step-by-step approach to preparing a Business Plan for the Small Manufacturer or Retailer. c1989


658.114 FAL 2003   Fallek, Max.   How to Set up your own Small Business (2 volumes). c2003


R 658.114 FAL 2003   Fallek, Max.   How to Set up your own Small Business (2 volumes). c2005


R 650 SMA  Small Business Sourcebook: the Entrepreneur’s resource, 15th edition. c2002


658 ASP   Aspatore, Jonathan Reed.   Vault Reports Guide to Starting your own Business. c1998


658 SUL   Sullivan, Robert.  The Small Business Start-Up Guide. c1996


658.02 BRO   Bronson, Howard F.  Great Idea!  Now What?  c1995


658.0412 HOM   Home-Based Business: a Winning Blueprint. [Videorecording] c1991


658.114 DAY   John, Day.  Small Business in Tough Times: how to survive and prosper. c1993


658.1 HOW   How to Run a Small Business, 7th edition. c1994


658.114 MAN   Mancuso, Joseph.  How to Start, Finance, and Manage Your Own Small Business. c1993


658.114 SHA   Shaw, Lisa Angowski Rogak.  Smart Guide to Starting a Small Business. c1999


658.114 TUR   Turner, Marcia Layton.  The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Small Business. c1999


658.11 HOW   How to Start a Business in New Hampshire. c2004


658.11 STA  Jenkins, Michael D.  Starting and Operating a Business in New Hampshire: A Step-By-Step Guide, 3rd edition.  c1997


658.848 AXT  Axtell, Roger E.  The Do’s and Taboos of International Trade: A Small Business Primer. c1994.



Support for your Adventure: Financing and Resources


332.66 LIS  Lister, Kate. Directory of Venture Capital, 2nd edition. c2000


650 ALA  Alarid, William M.  Money Sources for Small Business: How you can Find Private, State, Federal, and Corporate Financing. c1991


650 ALA  Alarid, William M.   Free Help From Uncle Sam to Start Your Own Business (Or Expand the One you Have), 5th edition. c2000


650.1 McC  McCormack, Mark H.  What They Don’t Teach you AT Harvard Business School. c1984


658 HIS  Hise, Phaedra.  Growing Your Business Online: Small-Business Strategies for Working the World Wide Web. c1996


658 LON   Lonier, Terri. Working Solo: The Real Guide to Freedom & Financial Success with Your Own Business. c1994


658.02 HAU  Hausman, Carl.  The Complete Small-Business Sourcebook: Information, Services, and Experts Every Small and Home-based Business Needs. c1998


658.02  STA   Start, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business, 3rd edition. c2000


658.114 SYM  Syms, Marcy.  Mind Your Own Business: and Keep it in the Family. c1992


658.114 JUD  Judson, Bruce.  Go it Alone: The Secret to Building a Successful Business on Your Own. c2004


658.15 FAL  Fallek, Max.  Finding Money for Your Small Business. c2003


658.15 OHA  O’Hara, Patrick D.  SBA Loans: a Step-By_Step Guide, 2nd edition. c1994


R 658.15  TEN  Ten-Tronck’s Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors Directory: the Ultimate Guide to Locate Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors to Start a Business, Buy a Business or Expand an Existing Business! 2nd edition. c2002


658.15 VAN  VanOsnabrugge, Mark.  Angel Investing: Matching Startup Funds with Startup Companies: the Guide for Entrepreneurs, individual investors, and venture capitalists. c2000




Running Your Business: the day to day action


001.64 LAN  Langer, Maria. Quicken 2003: the Official Guide. c2002


332.024 NEL  Nelson, Stephen L. Quicken 2005 for Dummies. c2004


330.951 GAR  Harvard Business Review on Doing Business in China. c2004


R 650 LAV  Lavin, Michael R.  Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It, 2nd edition. c1992


R 650 SMA  Small Business Sourcebook: The Entrepreneur’s Resource, 15th.ed. 2 vol. c2002


R 650 SIT  Sitarz, Dan.  Small Business Legal Forms Simplified with CD-ROM. c2004


R 651 NEW  New York Public Library Business Desk Reference: Essential Information for Every Office – At your Fingertips. c1998


657 SIT  Sitartz, Dan. Simplified Small Business Accounting. c1995


657 SIT  Sitarz, Daniel. Small Business Accounting Simplified. c2002


657.9 NEL  Nelson, Stephen L. QuickBooks All-in-one Desk Reference for Dummies, 2nd edition. c2005


658 HOM  The Home Office Computing Handbook. c1994


658.15 FLE  Fleury, Robert E.   The Small Business Survival Guide: How to Manage Your Cash, Profits and Taxes.  c1992


658.15 GEL  Gelb, Joseph.  Tax Accounting for Small Business: How to Prepare a 1040C. c1996


658.8 COO  Cook, Kenneth J.  AMA Guide to small Business Marketing. c1993


658.8 LEV   Levinson, Jay Conrad. Guerrilla Marketing Attack: New Strategies, Tactics, and Weapons for Winning Big Profits for your Small Business.  c1989


658.8 MIC  Michaels, Nancy.  Off-the-wall-marketing Ideas: Jump-start Your Sales without Bursting Your Budget. c2000


658.8 PIN  Pinson, Linda.  Target Marketing for the Small Business: Researching, Reaching, and Retaining Your Target Market, 2nd edition. c1993


659 LEV  Levine, Michael.  Guerrilla P.R.: How You can Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign—Without Going Broke. c1993


Specific Business Ventures : Are you trying one of these?


362.7 GAL Gallagher, Patricia C.  Start Your Own at-home Child Care Business. c1989


362.7 HOW  Howkins, Nan Lee.  Profitable Child Care: How to Start and Run a Successful Child Care Center. c1993


362.71 ARG  Argyle, Carolyn.  How to Start and Run a Home Day-care Business. c1997


650 BUS  Busse, Erwin.  The Business Plan: First Step to Success: A Step-by-step Approach to preparing a business plan for the small manufacturer or retailer.  c1989


650 VIV  Vivaldo, Denise.  How to Start a Home-based Catering Business, 3rd edition. c2000


650.1 KUR  Kursmark, Louise.  How to Start a Home-based Desktop Publishing Business, 3rd edition. c2002


658.114 ADA  Adamec, Christine A.  Start and Run a Profitable Freelance Writing Business: Your Step-by-step Business Plan. C1994


658.0412 DEL  Dell, Owen E.  How to Start a Home-based Landscaping Business, 3rd edition. c2000


658.114 WIL  Willis, Mickey.  Lawn Care & Gardening: a Down-to-earth Guide to the Business, 2nd edition. c2001


745.1 PEA  Peake, Jacquelyn.  How to Start a Home-based Antiques Business, 3rd edition. c2001


745.5 OBE  Oberrecht, Kenn.  How to Open and Operate a Home-based Craft Business.



Evaluating: Are you ready to expand – or sell - your business?


658.1 ROB  Robb, Russell.  Selling your Busines: How to Attract Buyers and Achieve the Maximum value for your business. c2002


658.15 FEL  Feldman, Stanley. What every Business Owner Should Know about Valuing their Business. c2003


658.4 CAT  Catlin, Katherine. Leading at the Speed of Growth: Journey from Entrepreneur to CEO. c2001


AB 658.4 COL  Collins, James C.  Beyond Entrepreneurship [audio book]. c1993


Success: Advice from Real Entrepreneurs


AB B COH  Cohen, Ben. Ben & Jerry’s Double-Dip [audio book]. c1997


B TRU  Trump, Donald.  Trump: The Art of the Deal. c1987


658.18 McG   McGregor, James.  One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China. c2006


658.409 KEP Kepcher, Carolyn.  Carolyn 101 : Business Lessons from the Apprentice’s Straight Shooter. c2004


658.409 TRU  Trump, Donald. Trump: Think like a Billionaire: Everything you Need to

Know about Success, Real Estate, and Life. c2004


658.409 WEL  Welch, Jack. Winning. c2005


Websites to Guide You


Registering your business in New Hampshire :


Small Business Administration :  “Helping small businesses succeed.”


The Business Owner’s Toolkit from CCH :


Entrepreneur Magazine :  (Some of the information on this site is free, and some is value-added).


Business Plans :  Some of this information is for a fee, but there is some information for free as well.


New Hampshire Benefits from the NH Department of Employment Security :  This is a statewide, all-industry survey gathered data about employee benefits offered by businesses in New Hampshire.


Business Loan and Capital Sources :


Research Patents :


Franchise and Business Opportunities :


American Demographics : – to help with marketing information. Free registration is required in order to access complete articles.


The Entrepreneur’s Help Page :  offers articles and legal forms, public relations, marketing, and financial information and advice, and more.


Go it alone!: The Secret to Building a Successful Business on Your Own/ by Bruce Judson, who teaches at the Yale School of Management, has made available this book online - for free.















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