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Employment Resources


The Nesmith Library offers many avenues for assisting the job-seeker.  From career guides to resume books, employment advertisements to online information about companies, the library is here to support your job search.  This guide will list information in the following areas: Careers, Print Business Directories, Newspapers (employment ads), Job Search Books, Resume and Interviewing Books, Online Databases (company information), Videos, and Websites.  Let us know if you have problems accessing any of this material and we will do our best to help you.





The following titles will give you an idea of what is available for researching career paths.  There are many books in the library on individual occupations as well.  For more titles, browse the Call Number 331.7.


331.128 BOL  Bolles, Richard Nelson.  What color is your parachute? : a practical

manual for job-hunters & career changers. c2004


331.7 CAR      Career guide to America’s top industries: essential data on job

opportunities in 42 industries, 6th edition. c2004


331.7 FAR  Farr, J. Michael.  America’s fastest growing jobs: detailed information on

the 141 fastest growing jobs in our economy, 7th edition. c2003


331.7    FAR  Farr, J. Michael.  200 Best Jobs for College Graduates, 2nd edition. c2003


331.7 OCC  Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2004-2005 edition. c2004


331.7  FAR  Farr, J. Michael. America’s top 101 jobs for people without a four-year

degree, 7th edition. c2005


331.702 FAR   Farr, J. Michael.  Best Jobs for the 21st Century, 3rd ed. c2004


615.14 RIC   Richardson, Bradley G.  Career Comeback : 8 steps to getting back on your

feet when you’re fired, laid off, or your business venture has failed – and finding more job satisfaction than ever. c2004


R 331.7 CAR  Career Information Center, 8th edition, Volumes 1-13. c2002


R 331.7 ENC  The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, 12th edition.



R 331.7 ONE  150 Great Tech Prep Careers, c2001.




Print Business Directories


Find businesses by geographic area or SIC code, look up business size, executives, and more.



R 331.112 BIG  The Big Red Job Book : the best place to find your first job – right here

in New Hampshire. c2003


R 338.02 BUS 2004  New Hampshire Business and Professional Directory  2004


R 338.4 MAN NH 2004 New Hampshire Marketing Directory


R 338.47 NEW 2005-2006  New Hampshire Business Directory


R 338.6 AME 2002  American Big Business Directory. c2002


R 338.74 COR  CorpTech Directory of Technology Companies.  c2004


R 338.74 HOO  Hoover’s Handbook of World Business, 2005


R 338.74  HOO  Hoover’s Handbook of American Business, 2005


R 338.74 HOO Hoover’s Handbook of Private Companies, 2005


R 338.74 HOO Hoover’s Handbook of Emerging Companies, 2005


R 338.76 DUN  Dun & Bradstreet Regional Business Directory 2005


R 338.76 NEW 2006  New Hampshire Business Review Business Services Guide 2006


R 338.86 COR  LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations 2002


R 650 NEW 2005  New Hampshire Business Review 2005 Lists


R 658 NEW 2004  New Hampshire Business Resource Directory 2004







Check our newspaper collection for current employment ads. 



Boston Globe

Christian Science Monitor

Derry News

Eagle Tribune

National Ad Search

NewYork Times (Sunday)

Pelham-Windham News

Salem Observer


Union Leader

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

Windham Independent


Job Search Books

Read tips and tricks for finding and landing your next job, along with employers, recruiters, internet listings and more.


025.06 WED 2004   Weddle’s Directory of Employment-related Internet Sites for

Recruiters and Job Seekers. c2004


331.1 ADA 2000   Adams Job Almanac. c2000


331.7 CAR   Career Exploration on the Internet : a student’s guide to more than 500

websites.  c2000


351.73 GUI   Guide to America’s Federal Jobs : a complete directory of U.S.

government career opportunities, 3rd ed. c2004


650.1 PET   Peterson’s Hidden Job Market 1999 : 2,000 high-growth companies that are

hiring at four times the national average, 8th edition. c1998


650.14 BOL   Bolles, Richard Nelson. Job-hunting on the Internet, 3rd ed., revised. c2001


650.14 DIK   Dikel, Margaret F.  The Guide to Internet Job Searching 2002-2003. c2002


650.14 GEA  Geary Gail.  Over-40 Job Search Guide: ten strategies for making your age

an advantage in your career. c2005


650.14 HOS   Hosier, Helen Kooiman.  Suddenly Unemployed: encouraging & practical

steps for finding a job. c2005

Job Search Books, cont.


650.14 KRA   Krannich, Ronald L.  America’s Top Internet Job Sites, 2nd ed. c2004


650.14 KRU   Krueger, Brian D.  College Grad Job Hunter: insider techniques and

tactics for finding a top-paying entry level job, 4th ed., revised. c1998


650.14 MOR   Mornell, Pierre. Games People Play: the job hunter’s guide to playing

smart and winning big in the high-stakes hiring game. c2000


650.14 RYA   Ryan, Daniel J.  Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities, 2nd ed.



650.14 SCH   Schlesinger, Eric. Sams Teach Yourself Today e-job Hunting: planning

your career and searching for jobs online. c2000


650.14 SMI   Smith, Rebecca. Electronic Resumes & Online Networking: how to use the

Internet to do a better job search. c2000


R 331.112 BIG   nhfirstJob.  The Big Red Job Book: the best place to find your first job

– right here in New Hampshire. c2003


R 331.12 CUT   Cubbage, Sue.  National Job Hotline Directory: the job finder’s hot list.

A state-by-state listing of job hotlines in the areas of city, state, and federal government, etc. c1999


R 331.124 BOS 2003   The Boston JobBank, 19th ed. c2003


R 331.7 AME   The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries 2000-2001 ed.


R 658.31 DIR 2005-2006   The Directory of Executive Recruiters.




This is a sampling of the resume-writing books available. Again, to browse more titles, go to the Call Number 650.14.


650.14 ADA  Adams FastResume users manual. c1996


650.14 AME  Farr, J. Michael. America’s top resumes: for America’s top jobs, 2nd

edition. c2002


650.14 BLO  Block, Jay A.  101 Best Tech Resumes. c2003


650.14 JAC  Jackson, Acy L. How to prepare your curriculum vitae, 2nd ed. c1997


Resumes, cont.



650.14 KIN  King, Julie Adair. The smart woman’s guide to resumes and job hunting, 3rd

ed. c1995


650.14 KUR  Kursmark, Louise M.  Best resumes for college students and new grads.



650.14 REA  Real-resumes for manufacturing jobs : including real resumes used to

change careers and transfer skills to other industries. c2002


650.14 RES  Resumes for the 50+ job hunter. c1995


650.14 TRO  Troutman, Kathryn K.  Creating your high school resume : a step-by-step

guide to preparing an effective resume for jobs, college, and training programs, 2nd ed. c2003


650.14 YAT  Yate, Martin John. Resumes that knock ‘em dead, 5th ed. c2003



Once you have gained an interview, these resources will help you make the most of it.


650.14 COR  Corcodilos, Nicholas A.  Ask the headhunter : reinventing the interview to

win the job. c1997


650.14 GAR  Garber, Janet.  Getting a job. c2003


650.14 FRE  Green, Paul C.  Get hired : winning strategies to ace the interview. c1996


650.14 INT  Interview to win. c1992


650.14 KEN  Kennedy, Joyce Lain.  Job interviews for dummies, 2nd ed. c2000


650.14 KRA Krannich, Caryl Rae. Dynamite answers to interview questions. c1992


650.14 KRA  Krannich, Caryl Rae.  Interview for success : a practical guide to

increasing job interviews, offers, and salaries. 6th ed. c1997


650.14 SHI  Shingleton, John D.  Job interviewing for college students. c1996


650.14 YAT  Yate, Martin John.  Knock ‘em dead, 2005. c2004




Online Databases

Use these online services to research companies, find out executives’ names, news items on businesses prior to interviews, and more.  Access these databases from the library’s website at

Hoover’s and ReferenceUSA must be used from within the library.


EBSCO Host Research databases – EBSCO offers business information from thousands of magazines and journals and over 200 newspapers.


eLibrary – Electric Library covers newspaper, magazines, television and radio transcripts, and more.


Hoover’s Hoover's, Inc., delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth. Their database of 12 million companies, with in-depth coverage of 40,000 of the world's top business enterprises, is at the core of their business tools and services that customers find vital to their business operations.


NewsBank – NewsBank’s coverage includes The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Union Leader, and hundreds of other newspapers. 


ReferenceUSA - The ReferenceUSA database contains, in module format, detailed information on more than 12 million U.S. businesses.




Audios and Videos


AB/CD 650.14 HAW   [Audio on CD-ROM]  Hawk, Dexter.  25 Things to Say to the

Interviewer to Get the Job You Want. c2005

158 SEV  [Videorecording] The seven spiritual laws of success : a practical guide to the

fulfillment of your dreams


650.14 INT  [Videorecording] Interview to win


658.041 HOM  [Videorecording] Home-based business : a winning blueprint










Please keep in mind that websites come and go, and sometimes change their addresses just slightly.


The Nesmith Library website has a listing of helpful employment-related links at


The New Hampshire State Library has also developed a list of links at


Most businesses listed in the directories above have their own websites with job or career listings.  Or, if a particular company interests you and you do not have their website address, try entering into your computer’s search window.





Finally, because our collection is constantly updated, check the library’s new book shelf for the most current acquisitions.  Particularly, look in the 331.7 and the 650.14 call numbers.  Some of the titles listed above are updated regularly.  If the copyright does not appear current, it may be that there is not an updated or revised edition available.

















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