Nesmith Library, Windham, NH


 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL for a Drupal or WordPress Website and Website Design Services.

 I. Project Summary

The Nesmith Library is seeking a website developer to create a content management system using Drupal or WordPress that will expand library web services to meet the needs of the public and improve our information and service delivery processes. The solution will add innovative functionality to Nesmith Library website as well as improve the capability to contribute rich content to the site on an ongoing basis.

 II. Purpose

The Library’s current website ( is maintained by a library staff member using Microsoft Front Page.  The website is housed at LunarPages, and we would prefer to continue to house at

The current site does not convey the level of professionalism we desire. Presently, the site is cluttered and visitors do not always find what they are looking for. Our current web presence includes the main site ,a blog (using Blogger), the library catalog (powered by Polaris), links to vendor databases and e-content, an event calendar, museum pass  reservation system (using Library Insight), and  a Facebook page.

With a new website, the library seeks to enhance the site’s visual appeal, improve capability for content creators to contribute to the site, streamline navigation and structure for easier content discovery, and enhance functionality to integrate with both established and emerging web services and social media sites.

 III. Project Scope

The selected provider will be responsible for:

             A.   Working with Nesmith Library representatives to identify what features and services are to be included in the new design.

             B. The redesign of the Nesmith Library home page and creation of templates to implement a consistent page layout across all web pages, including, at minimum:

1. ADA compliant design

2. Adherence to current web design standards, such as those published by the World Wide Web Consortium.

3. Mobile compliant design


C. The inclusion of the following minimum features and functionalities:

1. Document management functionality that empowers Nesmith Library staff to publish documents directly to the website in as few steps as possible - preferably with enforceable file naming conventions

2. Automatic link checking

3. Site search

4. Dynamic site index

5. Staff directories

6. The ability to post current topics on the home page

7. Website analytics for organizational analysis and retention

8. Forms development tool(s) to enhance staff ability to obtain input from the public

9. Time-based publishing and expiration of content

10. Blogging capability

11. Print and email functionality for all pages

12. An intuitive, web browser accessible WYSIWYG interface for content management users who do not have HTML skills

13. A web browser accessible HTML interface for users who choose to edit the HTML code directly

14. Web browser accessible administrative controls that enable administrative staff to allow and disallow content management functions based upon user or group identification


D. The inclusion of the following optional features and functionalities:

1. Brand Identity/Logo Design

2. Library Insight Features

3. Page archival and versioning that will allow CMS users to retrieve older versions of web pages for publishing back to the website


E. The training of three staff members for administrative management of the system.


F. A minimum of one year of maintenance and technical support.


IV. Schedule


Proposals due: April 30, 2014. Contract award: May 13, 2014. Public site launch: August 4, 2014.


V. Process

A.   Nesmith Library staff will maintain all web page content on an ongoing basis. Content changes will not be the responsibility of the solution provider.


B.   The maximum funding available for this project is $5,000. Proposers are encouraged to include features and functionality not identified within this document which may further meet the objectives of the project.


VI. Proposal


A.   Each proposal will include a detailed description of the proposed solution and a basic project plan that will serve as a progress guide throughout implementation.


B.   Each proposal must include access to an online demonstration or live version of the content management system including the user and administrative interfaces.

            C.   Each proposal must clearly identify the per unit and total costs of each element included in the proposed solution.


D.   Each proposal must clearly identify system requirements, both server and client, to make the solution fully operational.


E.   The first year of maintenance and support to include technical support and maintenance services shall be identified and included in the proposed price.


F.    Each proposal will include references, preferably from recent installations with public organizations. Reference information must include a link to the live website, contact phone number and mailing address, and identification of the length of the relationship with each reference, at a minimum.


G.   Each proposal shall identify and include the professional credentials of the project manager and other team members assigned to this project.


H. Four (4) copies of each proposal shall be provided, including any contract terms that a proposer will require if its solution is selected.


VII. Evaluation Criteria


Representatives from the Nesmith Library will use the following evaluation points, and possibly others, in the selection process.


A. Experience of provider and assigned personnel with similar projects.

B. Total cost, one-time and recurring.

C. Potential to impact internal operations.

D. Potential to impact public use of web services.

E. Ability to meet minimum functionality expectations.

F. Scalability to accommodate future growth.

G. Availability of support and maintenance services


Carl Heidenblad, Director

Nesmith Library

8 Fellows Road

Windham, NH  03087



Addendum to Request for Proposal for a Drupal or Word Press Website and Website Design Services. Nesmith Library, Windham, NH.  April 9, 2014.


The following addendum shall be made to the Request for Proposals document:


·         Section II.  Purpose.


While the library’s initial preference is to retain its webhosting arrangement with, we would certainly entertain proposals that include hosting at other locations.  Developers recommending web hosting providers should provide cost information (startup and recurring) regarding the same.


·         Section III.  Project Scope.  Part C.  #13.

HTML Interface.

Developers have suggested that in a properly constructed CMS website, this should not be required.  In response, we are removing this requirement.


·         Section III.  Project Scope.    Part D. # 2. 

                        Clarification.  Library Insight features.

At the present and foreseeable future, the Nesmith Library only uses the museum pass module from Library Insight.