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Nesmith Library Board of Trustees

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Present:  Trustees – Peter Tousignant( Chairman), Mark Branoff (Assistant Treasurer), Karen Marcil (Treasurer), Tara Picciano (Recording Secretary), Anne-Marie O’Neil, Cathy Robertson-Souter (Corresponding Secretary)

Director – Carl Heidenblad

Assistant Directors – Diane Mayr, Lois Freeston,

Circulation Coordinator Terrie Marietta,

Flow– No Representative


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm. Chairman Peter Tousignant read the Mission Statement. The minutes from the May 14 meeting were accepted as written.


Reports and Housekeeping:



Cathy Souter:  There was no written correspondence however there were several verbal comments presented. First,  an attendee of the Strawberry Festival was inquiring if there would be more events or activities for young adults at next year’s event? Secondly, Pelham Library had a write up in the newspaper about their community garden and Cathy was asked if that would be a feasible project to have at Nesmith.  First comment was passed along to Flow and the second comment was referred to the Windham Garden Club.


            Treasurer’s Report:  High expenditures for the museum passes,  system software costs,  and the telecommunications being at 98% of proposed are because of timing in payment schedules and are not expected to overrun proposed total amounts. A Health Insurance expenditure question was asked by Mr. Mark Branoff and was answered by the director.  Expenditures for health Insurance are on track. The Library budget is on track.  As shown in the updated bottom section of the monthly financial report, as of 12/31/12 the library remains in compliance with RSA 32:7


Director’s Report:

·    Carl introduced Terrie Marietta, the Circulation Coordinator who will be doing a presentation about what she does for the library.

·    Digitizing the Windham independent digitized and indexed for Aug 20 yrs 69-89

Next will micro film digitize and index.

($159,371.00) Will be ready to have an extensive CIP discussion/rough draft at the next meeting or email if it can be expedited. Would like to add a contingency fee/factor of 10% to 2 items are that are petroleum based. It is ready to be presented to the Selectmen and Carl would like to present it with a Trustee.

·    The library is digitizing and fully indexing the Windham Independent. The years 1969-1989 have been sent out for digitizing.

·    28th May Concert at Library, The Honey Dew Drops 7pm. 30 people attended and they said they would come back. The Library also has the CD in the audio section.


F.L.O.W. Report: No Flow person; Peter read a letter from Pam Skwiot  Wrap up to follow.

Upcoming Adults: Anne Barratt Hollywood wild west movie Mecca,  June 25 6pm

2 scholarships were given out to WHS Seniors: Christine Carpenter and Kate Ferral


·    Looking into having/planning a Halloween party the weekend before 10/31/13 at the Library



Nesmith Staff Report: Circulation  Coordinator


Terrie Marietta presented her duties as follows:


Circulation and Volunteer Coordinator

To create a positive customer experience by providing information and tools to staff that set standards of excellence that are in compliance with the policies and procedures of the Nesmith Library.

Scheduling assigning staff to:

o   Circulation desk (done weekly)

o   Saturday rotation (done annually)

o   Special events, i.e. Strawberry Festival, etc.

o   Working circulation desk 10 hrs/wk and any additional shifts as required

Computer maintenance:

o   One public computer each morning

o   Clear any user files/information

o   Install software and updates as needed

o   Troubleshoot problems and resolve or pass on to Carl

o   Assist staff in maintaining staff machines – installing updates, printers, etc. as needed

o   Assist customers using public computers, troubleshooting and instructing them with software and printer issues.

o   Assist staff in the use of Polaris by updating procedures and creating easy-to-access information via Quick Reference Books, White Board, handouts and 1-on-1 training.

Manage Museum Pass program (currently 14 museums, each renews at a different time, each has its own polices of use).

o   Renew all FLOW approved museums,

o   updating each museum’s calendar, fees,  and policies

o   reporting statistics monthly & annually to FLOW and Carl

o   maintaining museum software and reports

Managing displays, non-profit collection boxes, posters, and electronic frames, as needed.

Manage & problem-solve circulation functions including:

o    manage customer records, overdue and billing notices, pick lists, hold shelves, and in-transit items.

o   Keep statistics, circulation reports, communicate with GMILCS to resolve problems and issues, as needed

o   Attend GMILCS Circ/ILL meetings and share information and problem solve with other GMILCS libraries

o   Answer and resolve customer questions in regard to remote customer account access, online catalog, placing holds remotely, and downloadable materials to various devices.

o   Respond and resolve customer complaints and concerns

Basically, anything that a customer can checkout, access, view, download or log onto I have a hand in making that experience a positive one by creating systems and procedures than enhance the staff’s ability to meet or exceed the customer’s need and promote and maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.


Unfinished Business: The Formation of Committees are as follows:


            Endowment: Patricia Chair, Mark, Tara, Peter


            Personnel Committee:  elected~ Karen, Patricia, Anne Marie were presented as a Slate vote by Peter, carried by a unanimous vote.


Marketing Committee:  Tara Chair, Cathy, Peter .


            Technology Committee:  Ann-Marie Chair, Peter, Cathy, Lois, Sylvie, Diane Mayr,



Anne-Marie made the motion to approve the second Tues of every month fully.

The Meeting schedule for the year was approved unanimously.


New Business:


Anne-Marie suggested an implementation of employee appreciation plan.




Next meeting is going to be on August 13.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Tara Picciano

Draft subject to approval