Nesmith Library Board of Trustees

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Present:  Trustees Norman Boutillette (Chairman), Peter Tousignant (Vice-Chairman), Mark Branoff (Treasurer), Karen Marcil (Assistant Treasurer), Patricia Barstow (Recording Secretary), Tara Picciano (Corresponding Secretary), Mary Lee Underhill

Director – Carl Heidenblad

Assistant Directors – Diane Mayr

FLOW – Jennifer Simmons (Secretary)

Excused: Lois Freeston


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with a reading of the library’s mission statement. The minutes from the March 20, 2012 meeting were accepted as written.


Correspondence: The Board discussed appropriate recognition of Carolyn Webber for her four years of service as a Trustee.


Tara has spoken with Dan Parent of the Wellness Professionals and clarified that he would like to offer an hour-long seminar as a community service in late April or May. Advertising for the seminar should be done by both the library and his organization. Since this presentation involves use of the library’s facilities and falls more appropriately under the domain of the Director, it was decided to direct this and similar future correspondence to him for action.



            Treasurer’s Report:  25% of the year has elapsed and we’ve expended about 22% of our budget. Items that are overspent at this point include office supplies and petty cash (funds were frozen until recently so many purchases were needed at once) and professional dues (which are generally paid at the beginning of the year).


Director’s Report: Circulation took a dip in March and Carl is watching and trying to analyze the phenomenon.


The HVAC economizer motor was replaced and the control panel had to be reset because the boiler was locked in morning warm-up mode in mid-March, making it extremely hot in the library. Carl got an estimate for the cost of replacing all of the controls.


Lois has been working on the web site to make it more usable for mobile users.


The energy audit will take place on April 19. The auditor will take infrared pictures of the exterior at dawn and will return at 9AM to spend five or six hours inside the building. His work will not be intrusive as he will interrupt the staff only to gain access to various systems and areas.


Carl has looked into redesigning the front doors for handicapped accessibility. Only one company could do it without changing the aesthetics of the doors and this company would charge less than $3,000 to modify one exterior and one vestibule door. If this work is done after the energy audit results are available, we might simultaneously be able to incorporate any energy-saving suggestions made by the auditor.


The barcode changing project is almost finished, with 73,000 barcodes updated and about another 3,000 items to go. Polaris software training continues as Marilyn Borgendale and Kevin French from GMILCS have been working with the staff on the Acquisitions module and a component of the Cataloging module.


The state library is looking for an inter-library loan delivery model that would be sustainable with their current staffing level; this would be very much a minimal model. Currently, on each visit to the Nesmith Library they carry only one inter-library loan bin and five GMILCS bags, leaving any excess bags in Concord. On a recent visit to the state library, Carl picked up a backlog of four bins and 18 bags, and he feels it will be necessary to transport our own backlog for the foreseeable future.


GMILCS is planning to run its own van, with pick-ups and deliveries each scheduled once a week, on different days. Their 2013-2014 budget, which is currently being developed, will include funding for a van. This should cost our library approximately $12 per week.


The Polaris software allows us to collect more statistics than we could with the previous software system. Tracking the number of patrons logging in from home shows growth in this activity of about 200 patrons per month since we joined GMILCS in January. 948 patrons logged in from home last month, while only a handful of people did so in January. We’re loaning a lot of materials to other GMILCS libraries and are starting to borrow a lot as well.

FLOW Report: Jennifer Simmons reports that adult programming is still somewhat of an enigma.  An adult craft program was not well attended yet an Irish singer performed for a packed audience. Historically, it seems that music programs work best for adults.


Preparations for the Strawberry Festival are proceeding quickly and well. The festival already has four top sponsors. Volunteers can view descriptions of positions and sign up for them online. The Trustees will work as a group at the shortcake table (rather than the grill) this year during the first shift. Carl and Jennifer discussed logistical support for the library’s presence at the festival.


Strategic Plan Implementation Committee Report:  The committee was charged with organizing the Strategic Plan’s objectives into one-time and ongoing categories and prioritizing the one-time objectives. A motion was made by Patricia and was seconded to accept the order of priority of Strategic Plan objectives proposed by the Committee. The motion passed unanimously.


Strawberry Festival Presence Committee Report: In keeping with the festive nature of the day, the library’s presence will be fun and informative.  Staff at the table will be equipped to register new patrons and there will be a slideshow, posters, giveaways, brochures, and book bags for purchase. Jennifer will investigate the possibility of including coupons for a free book at the Book Fair. The library will contribute a basket to the FLOW raffle.


Personnel Committee Report: The Personnel Committee met on April 5 to discuss hiring a Young Adult librarian who will work part time, including four hours of homework help on Wednesdays after school. The Personnel Committee, through Mary Lee, made and seconded a motion that the Board accept the Director’s decision to hire Sylvie Brikiatis as our Young Adult librarian beginning mid-April. She will be hired at Pay Grade 16, Step 1, part time, for approximately 20 hours per week.


Discussion: This was originally budgeted as a 15 hour per week position, and Carl says that Sylvie can be brought on for 20 hours per week without affecting the budget since part of the year has already elapsed. Trustees wanted to know what will happen next year. Carl would like to keep Sylvie at 20 hours since the increased cost will be less than $6,000. The previous Young Adult librarian started at 40 hours and gradually reduced her hours to 15-20 per week.


The motion passed unanimously.


Unfinished Business:

Tracking Progress on the Strategic Plan: At its February 14 meeting, the Board agreed to assign a person to track progress on the Strategic Plan’s objectives. Tara volunteered tonight to assume this responsibility.


A motion was made by Patricia and was seconded to extend the meeting to finish discussing the agenda items. The motion passed unanimously.


Endowments:  A motion was made by Norman and was seconded to establish a named endowment program for Nesmith Library.


Discussion: The program would be similar to the Adams County, PA program discussed at the last meeting. Carl has spoken with Terry Knowles, assistant director for the NH Attorney General’s Charitable Trusts Unit, who found no potential legal issues with that program. We should also present our plan to the town attorney for an opinion. We might consider asking FLOW to be our inaugural participant.


The motion passed unanimously.



Volunteer Appreciation Event: Friday, April 20 at 2:00 pm.

Trustees’ Meeting: Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 7:00 pm.

Strawberry Festival Presence Committee: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 3:00 pm.

2012 NHLTA Annual Spring Conference: Bedford, NH, Monday, May 21, 2012.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Barstow

Draft subject to approval