Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Present:  Chris Monterio, Chairman; Joan Griffin, Vice-Chairman, Mark Branoff, Treasurer; Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary; Mary Lee Underhill, Corresponding Secretary;  Anne Marie O’Neil ; Carolyn Webber; Carl Heidenblad, Director; Lois Freeston, Assistant Director; Diane Mayr, Assistant Director.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chris Monterio, Chairman, at 7:10 p.m.

Minutes: The minutes of the April 14th meeting were approved with amendments.


Correspondence: None


Financial—33% of the year has elapsed and we had spent 33% of the operating budget.

Nesmith Library Directors Report, May 2009

Building and property maintenance. 




Other items:




·        Registration.    There were 55 new registrations in April. 

·        Internet uses.  594 uses in April 2009 vs 716 in April 2008. 

·         People Counter.  7231 visits were counted in April 2009.   (Currently, the counter is not functioning correctly and a replacement is on order.)

·         Statistics— In April collection size totaled 82,836 volumes; Volunteer hours were 91.

Unfinished Business


Director’s Annual Review--Executive Session: Chris polled the members—all agreed to go into executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

At the end of the session Chris polled all the members to exit the session.






Respectfully submitted,


Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary

Draft Subject to Approval