Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Present:  Joan Griffin, Chairman - Mary Lee Underhill, Vice Chairman, Mark Branoff, Treasurer,   Chris Monterio, Assistant Treasurer, Carolyn Webber, Trustee, Carl Heidenblad, Director, Lois Freeston Assistant Director.  Wendy Keller, Anne Marie O,Neil and Diane Mayr were excused


Call to order:              The meeting was called to order by Chairman Joan Griffin at 7:05 PM

Minutes:                     The minutes for the June 10th meeting were approved with correction.

Correspondence:        None



Financial:   Mark reported 58 1/3% of the year has elapsed and we have spent 58% of our budget          


Director:     Carl presented his monthly report for July 2008


·        Circulation:  In July 21,312 items were loaned, a 14.5% increase from the previous July.   For the to date, at the end of July, Nesmith loaned 119,090 items this year compared with 107,886 items the previous year, approximately a 10.4% increase.  If we match last years circulation for the remaining months of the year, Nesmith Library will loan more than 190,000 items, compared to 2007’s 180,00 0items.

The staff has done a fabulous job.  The programs have been excellent, and everyone has worked very hard to keep up.

·        Registration: there were 82 new registrations in July; we now have more than 9800 registered library customers.

·        Internet Use: 717 uses in July.

·        People Counter: 8758 visits were counted in June.  7892 visits were counted in July.

·        Sunday Usage: There were 429 visits in July compared to 463 in July, 2007.


                   Building and Property Maintenance:

·        We have a major issue ongoing with our Air Conditioning unit.  On July 24th here was a town wide power outage.  Following that outage, our AC unit failed to operate, and technicians found that the main controlling circuit board had been severely damaged.  It appears likely that a lightning strike or large power surge damaged the board.  Denron has contacted Carrier, and Carrier is having difficulty finding a replacement board.  As of August 11th they had not found the component needed.


Other Items:

·        The new file server is up and running well.  Eric Delong and I installed this on Friday, July 25th.  The library was closed in the morning, as previously authorized by the board.  When we reopened at 1 pm the new server performed very well.  Many thanks to Eric for his expertise and hard work.

·        Next, I would then like to purchase a robust PC to replace our current Internet “server” machine which is 6 years old.

·        Following that purchase I would like to work with TAC and Eric to switch our data provider and our web hosting site,

·        When the above steps are complete and working satisfactorily, I would lie to investigate the possibility of upgrading the Follett automation system, either at the end of the year or early in 2009. 



·        CIP:  Our written presentation has been presented and we are waiting for the hearing slot in either September or October.

·        Trustee Emeritus and Murray Levin Volunteer Award:

We will have the presentation after our October 14th meeting. We will meet at 6:00 pm and have the Awards and socialize from 7:00 pm on.  We will finalize plans at our September 9th meeting.



·        Long range plan for the Library:

The Trustees will start working on a Strategic Plan Brochure and a brochure listing all the services the library provides its patrons.



·        Trustees Meeting:         Tuesday, September 9, 2008  at 7:00 PM


ADJOURNED:    8:35 pm      


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Griffin, Chairman

Draft subject to approval