Tuesday, December 11, 2006



Present: Joan Griffin, Chairman - Mary Lee Underhill, Vice Chairman, Chris Monterio, Treasurer, Mark Branoff, Assistant Treasurer, Pat Skinner, Corresponding Secretary, Jay Gross, Trustee, Carl Heidenblad, Director and Diane Mayr, Assistant Director.  Wendy Keller, Recording Secretary and Lois Freeston were excused.


Welcome:                   The Trustees welcomed Jay Gross as our Interim Trustee appointed by the Selectmen to serve until the March 2008 election.

Call to order:              The meeting was called to order by Chairman Joan Griffin at 7:10 PM

Minutes:                     The minutes for the November 13th meeting were approved.

Correspondence:        None



Financial: Treasurer, Chris Monterio reported that through the end of November 

92% of the year has elapsed and 89% of the budget has been spent.  Also discussed the future heat and electricity expenses and the difficulty of budgeting for both of these accounts.

Director:  Carl presented his monthly report for November 2007


·        Circulation:  As of the end of November 169,583 items had been loaned compared with 163,467 items the previous year.  This is a 3.9% increase.

·        In 2007, we had 6 months with 15,000 items or greater circulation.  In 2006 and 2005 we had only 3 months that exceeded 15,000 items, and only one in 2004.  Additionally, both September and November exceeded 14,500 circulations.  Circulation has been extremely brisk throughout the year.

·        November’s circulation of 14,771 items was a 3% increase compared to November 2006


·        Registration: There have been 622 new registrations so far this year.


·        Internet Use: 656 uses in November.  For the year to date there have been 1230 more uses than for the same period last year.


·        People Counter: Traffic continues to increase.  With 2146 more visits this year than last (for the same period ending November 30.)  NOTE: the people counter broke on December 8th.  Unfortunately, we will not be getting account for several days during December.


·        Sunday Usage: January through November 2006:          3671 visits.

 January through November 2007:        4265 visits.


                        Building and Property Maintenance:

·        No major issues at this time.

Other Items:

·        Two programs targeted for home school families were: a story-planning event with Children’s Author Tabatha Jean D’Agata.  D’Agata entertained children with a theatrical, interactive, story-planning workshop.  She also autographed copies of her children’s books.  Traditional Russian and artist and storyteller, Marina Forbes, presented her Firebird Workshop.  Marina is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, with more than 20 years of experience as an artist, performer, teacher and preserver of Russian folk traditions.

·        FLOW Holiday Crafts are ongoing through December, with ten different activity days.

·        Teens are active this month with a poster making party and a holiday party.

·        Internal Book Drop is now closed since patrons are using the Drive-By book drop. Bids to remove internal book drop will be requested.

Drug Free Policy:  Mary Lee Underhill made the motion to accept the Town’s

Substance Abuse policy as an amendment to our Personnel Policy. The motion passed.

                        Children’s Library Area:  We discussed the needs for this area which includes c

computers and more shelving.  Pat Skinner made a motion “to rearrange the computer and shelving of the childrens area and to accept a donation from FLOW not to exceed $5,000.00.” The motion passed



·        By-Law committee Report: Mark Branoff presented the report to the Trustees.  The

Report was reviewed and a few changes were made.  Revised copies of the By-Laws will be mailed to all Trustees and we will vote on the new By-Laws at the January meeting.

·        Chairman for the Building Committee:

The Trustees discussed a number of solutions/names and will address this issue at the January meeting.



·        Candidates for Trustees: With regret we heard from Pat Skinner that she will not be

running for re-election in March. We appreciate all her years of service to Nesmith Library and the Town of Windham, thank you Pat. That being the case, we will have 1, three year term as well as 1, one year term to fill come the March election.



·        Trustees Meeting:         Tuesday, January 8,2008 at 7 pm




Respectfully submitted,

MaryLee Underhill, Vice Chairman

Joan Griffin, Chairman

Draft subject to approval