Nesmith Library Board Trustees Minutes

January 10, 2006


Present:   Sharon Scannell, Chairman, Mary Lee Underhill, Vice-Chair, Joan Griffin, Recording Secretary, Pat Skinner Corresponding Secretary, Chris Monterio, Treasurer, Carl Heidenblad, Director, Richard Koeck, & Lorraine Bain members, Diane Mayr, Lois Freeston, Assistant Directors.  Wendy Keller, Guest.


Chairman, Sharon Scannell, called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.


Minutes:   The minutes were approved with correction for the December meeting.

Correspondence:  None


            Financial:   Chris Monterio reported final figures were not available as the town was still work

                                 on the year end figures.     

Director:   Carl presented his monthly report for January 2006.

·        Circulation:  December’s circulation had a 7.44% increase from December of 2005.  The year’s circulation finished at an 11 % + increase from last year, and

   ended at 161,677. 

·        At year end, the library exceeded last year’s circulation by more than 17,000 items. (17,222).

·        Sunday Circulation:  The visitations in 2005 totaled 4, 896, and accounts for a bit more than 5% of our overall visitations of 93,110 persons

·        Registration:  At December’s end we were showing 8029 registered card holders.

·        Statistics:  Statistics for December showed that 11,333 items were circulated with 8,029 registered patrons; there were 6,282 visits to the library, 393 internet users and 84.6 volunteered hours.  Our collection size is 75,129

·        Personnel:  Laura Montgomery has begun her training.  Laura will be working Saturday and Sunday shifts for us.  There are two 20 hour positions available.

·        PLA Conference, Boston:  The staff will attend as a group on Thursday, March 23, 2006.  Four staff members will attend multiple days.


Building Property and Maintenance:

·        Book Drop:  Has been installed.

·        Lighting Project: The circulation area has been completely re-lamped and ballasted, but for 2 fixtures that are awaiting parts.


Personnel:  Pat Skinner gave the personnel report on the meeting held on Thursday, January 5,

2006.    Current vacancies on the staff were discussed as well as Carl’s plan for

optimum use of the current staff.


Non Public Session

·        Motion:  was made by Mary Lee and seconded that the Board enter a Non-public session in accordance with RSA 91-A-:3.

Sharon polled the Board: all were in favor.

·        Motion: was made by Pat and seconded that the Board exit the Non-public session.  Sharon polled the Board: all were in favor



·        Annual Dinner:  The details for the planning of the dinner will be E mailed to the Trustees.  The menu will be similar to last years.

·        Warrant:  The warrant was discussed.



·        Revision of Tuition Reimbursement Policy:  The current policy was discussed as well as needed changes.  The Trustees will vote on this issue

·         at the February meeting.

·        March Elections:  A discussion was held on the openings on the Nesmith Board of Trustees – there are two three terms and one two year term opening.

·        Closing for Snow:  The Trustees discussed the best procedures for notifying the public of the library’s closing due to snow.



·        Library Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, February 14, 2006


ADJOURNED:   The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Griffin

Draft subject to approval