Nesmith Library Board Trustees Minutes

September 13, 2005



Present:   Sharon Scannell, Chairman, Mary Lee Underhill, Vice-Chair, Joan Griffin, Recording Secretary, Pat Skinner, Corresponding Secretary. Chris Monterio, Treasurer, Lorraine Bain, member, Carl Heidenblad, Director, Diane Mayr, Lois Freeston, Assistant Directors.  Paul Keller was excused.


Chairman, Sharon Scannell, called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.


Guest:     Lisa Strong, Treasurer for F.L.O.W. presented Carl with a check for the Book Drop in the    amount of   $3,598.00.  Another check for $500.00 will be given to Carl from the F.L.O.W.

              fund-raising efforts for the Strawberry Festival.  It is a grant from Walmart.


Minutes:   The minutes were approved as written for the August 23rd meeting.




Financial:   Chris Monterio reported that 62% of the budget has been spent and

                     2/3 of the year has elapsed.     

Director:   Carl presented his monthly report for September, 2005.

·        Circulation:  August 2005 circulation showed an increase of 8.8% compared to last year.  We are seeing an overall increase of 14% for the year to date compared to last year through the same period. Most notably, we had 3 months where circulation exceeded 15,000 items, March, July and August.  (Last July we had our first 15,000 circulation month)

·        Expanded View of 2005 Circulation:   An overview look at circulation as of  8-31-05.  Total 111,765:   Books account for 80% of our output, Audio Visual for 14% and adult reading appears equally split Fiction vs Non-fiction.

·        Sunday Circulation: We will continue to watch and evaluate the Sunday circulation. For the eight month period we are averaging 420 visits per month on Sundays.

·        Registrations:  At the end of August we had 9212 registered patrons. This number will soon drop, as in the interest of keeping this statistic as accurate as possible, Carl has asked Amy Mallet to delete card holders whose cards have expired and that have not shown any activity prior to 2003.

·        Inventory:  The inventory of the Adult non-fiction collection has been completed.

·        Statistics:  Statistics for August showed that 15, 430 items were circulated, 9,212 registered patrons, there were  9,330 visits to the library, 558 internet

·        Driveway Signs:  Directional arrows and driveway signs will be installed.  A number of incidences have occurred with library patrons driving the wrong way in the library parking areas.

·        Check Signing:   The finance committee will set up a regular schedule for check signing.

·        Book Drop:  The book drop has arrived but is not yet installed.




·        Fire Alarm Maintenance:  The system was thoroughly tested on 8 -16-05.

·        Carpet Cleaning:   The carpets will be cleaned on 10-10-05.





·        2006 Holiday Calendar:  A motion was made by Mary Lee Underhill and seconded to accept the 2006 Holiday Calendar as presented by Carl.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

·        Budget Update:  The budget is a work in process at this time. Next Trustees meeting – Tuesday, October 11, 2005

·        Library Study Room Policies:   A motion was made by Pat Skinner and

·        seconded to accept the policy as amended for the Library Study Rooms.  The motion passed unanimously.

·        Needs Assessment Study:  A discussion was held on the next steps for this AD Hoc Group.  A name for the group will be decided upon at the group’s next meeting.  The meeting date will be announced later.




·        CIP meeting Thursday, September 15, 2005 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

·        Volunteer Reception Friday, September 16, 2005 at Nesmith Library

·        “Talk Like A Pirate” Monday, September 19, 2005 at Nesmith Library

·        Pot Luck Supper Friday,  September 21, 2005 at Nesmith Library

·        Next Trustees meeting – Tuesday, October 11, 2005


ADJOURNED:   The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm



Respectfully submitted,

Joan Griffin

Draft subject to approval