Nesmith Library Board Trustee Minutes

November 4, 2003


Present:Mary Lee Underhill, Chair, Shirley Beaulieu, Vice Chair, Sharon Scannell, Treasurer, J. Gross, Assistant Treasurer, Pat Skinner, Secretary, Dr. Murray Levin, member, Willie Day, member, and Acting Co-Directors: Lois Freeston and Diane Mayr.


Mary Lee called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm

Minutes:The October 14, 2003 minutes were accepted as written.



Financial:The Manifest was not available this early in the month, but year-end payroll projections and account balances were compiled by Jena Day.†† Sharon Scannell reported that the CD was withdrawn from the Southern New Hampshire Bank and will be deposited in the Citizen non-lapsing Cap III account.It was agreed that the Nextel account for a cellular phone and walkie-talkie should be closed, and that the Finance Committee should examine the remainder of the yearís budget to determine how much money can be allocated to the purchase of books.

Acting Co-Directors:Diane Mayr distributed the report and said the HVAC system had been adjusted, the carpeting was cleaned, and partial shelving in the new Young Adult area was installed.The search committee interviewed six candidates for the Youth Services position.A variety of programs were offered during the month; most notably, the October Potluck attended by about 30 people.Statistics for October show that 10,784 items were circulated, there were 8,078 registered patrons, 6,802 people visited the library, 282 used the Internet and volunteers contributed 127 hours.Kudos to the more than twenty volunteers who participated in a shelf-reading session Saturday October 18 after closing!

J reported that the building security system has a new code for all the staff, and that he changed server passwords.

F.L.O.W. will conduct 18 Holiday Craft Workshops for pre-school to middle school children.

The Board expressed its appreciation to the staff for its efficient, professional and harmonious behavior during this transition period.



Finance:The committee will meet to discuss this yearís spending and projections, and it will revise the proposed 2004 budget in light of recent personnel changes.

Personnel:Pat Skinner said the committee will meet to discuss Jena Dayís job description

Search:The Search Committee for a new Director will consist of two staff: Diane Mayr and Lois Freeston; two trustees: J Gross and Shirley Beaulieu; and two patrons: Margaret Crisler, former Chair of the Selectmen, and Holly Eddy, Professional Librarian and Library volunteer.The committee will meet soon to approve the advertisement, job description, and timeframe.

Needs Assessment Committee:Mary Lee spoke with the consultant, Marjorie Judd, who said her

preliminary report will be available shortly.



Technology Plan:J amended the proposed plan to include recommendations of the Town Technology Committee.

MOTION:was made by Sharon Scannell and seconded that

The Board adopts the revised Technology Plan 2003-2005.

The motion passed unanimously.



MOTION: was made by Shirley Beaulieu and seconded

That the discussion of the By Laws be delayed until the next meeting.

The motion passed unanimously.



Status of Software/Hardware:Mary Lee will write to Eric DeLong and request a listing of equipment and software shared by the Town and Library to make sure we have the proper licenses.

Young Adult Project:Sharon, assisted by Beth Strauss, will coordinate the setting up of the new Young Adult section with F.L.O.W. members Patricia Barstow and Kathy Loomis.

Point Person for the Book Sale:Sharon will also be the Boardís liaison between Kathy Ivey and F.L.O.W.



MOTION: was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the Board enters a Non-public session and invites Diane and Lois to join in the discussion of personnel in accordance with RSA 91-A-3.

Mary Lee polled the Board:all were in favor.

MOTION: was made by Willie Day and seconded

That the Board exits the Non-public session.

Mary Lee polled the Board:all were in favor.


The Board asked Willie Day to plan the spending of the remaining Cap I, Cap II and Cap III accounts for the needed humidifier, outdoor lighting, and other facility needs.



The next regular meeting will be held on the third Tuesday, November 18.

The Budget Hearing will be held on Monday,, November 24 at 8:30 pm in the Planning Department.




The meeting adjourned at 10:26 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Lee Underhill

Draft subject to approval