Nesmith Library Board Trustee Minutes


March 18, 2003


Present:  Mary Lee Underhill, Chair, Shirley Beaulieu, Vice Chair, J. Gross, Vice Treasurer, Pat Skinner, member, Dr. Murray Levin, member, Sharon Scannell, member, Willie Day, member, John Barrett, Director, and Marija Sanderling, Assistant Director. 


Mary Lee called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM and welcomed the two new Trustees:  Sharon Scannell and Willie Day.  A copy of the proper contents for the Trustees’ Manual was distributed to assure each member had all recent documents.  J Gross noted that the By-laws and updated policies should be online.


Minutes:  The February 11, 2003 minutes were accepted as written.



Financial Report:  Exactly 21.5% of the budget has been spent as 21.5% of the calendar year has expired.   The warrant for the Needs Assessment Study was passed at the Town election.

Guest:  Dana Call, the new Financial Director for the Town of Windham, distributed the Year-to Date Budget Report for mid-March and explained her position and the procedures she is establishing.  Dana is updating the general ledger system, (referred to as Muni’s) which incorporates all financial activities in Windham.  She is setting a standardized time frame and uniform procedures for all departments.  Budget reports are prepared in the second week of each month for the previous month, and checks are processed every two weeks.  Since the Board would like the monthly report for its meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, it was decided that John’s office will request a copy of the year-to date report from Dana’s office on the Wednesday prior to the monthly meeting.

The issues of lost discounts and late charges were discussed, and it was agreed that the Director’s secretary, Jena Day, will coordinate her check requests with the calendar for payment at the Town Hall and date stamp each account payable as it is received from the vendor.


Director's Report: John called attention to several items in his report including Jena’s preparation of financial materials for the town audit, the staff’s involvement in programs offered by the State Library and Library Association, the @ Your Library Show of WCTV, the new “tweens” journal, Nesmith Nuntius, and a request for communities to host Russian Library Managers.


There was a long discussion of the heating system, particularly as it relates to the technical service room.  John will see whether the thermostat can be moved to another location to eliminate false readings, and he will research the prices on such options as storm windows, a humidifier, and space heaters,


Library statistics for December show that 10,995 items were circulated, there were 7,563 registered patrons, 6,219 people visited the library, 203 used the Internet, and volunteers logged 64 hours.


It was recommended that the Board send a Thank You note to The Windham Independent and to the cable TV station for their support in explaining the warrant article to the public. 



History Collection

The Board reviewed the Nesmith Library Local History Collection prepared by Marija for last month’s meeting and the

MOTION:  was made by J Gross and seconded

That the word “Policy” be added to the document title, that the sentence referring to the

acceptance of items read “Materials on these subjects will not be refused (rather than “declined) based on language,” and that the sentence on resources read, “Related resources are also located at the local Town Hall, the Windham Museum, the Windham Historical Society, the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the New Hampshire State Library.”

The motion passed unanimously.


Policy on Unattended Children

Beth Strauss, the children’s librarian, requested that the Board change the age limit for unattended children from fourteen to thirteen since that is the age many teens start high school.

MOTION:  was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the age upper limit be changed to thirteen.

The motion passed unanimously.



Election of Officers:

MOTION: was made by Willie Day and seconded

            To accept the following slate of officers which were duly nominated and seconded:

                        Chair: Mary Lee Underhill,             Vice-Chair: Shirley Beaulieu,

Treasurer: Sharon Scannell, and Secretary: Pat Skinner

The motion passed unanimously.


Standing Committees were formed as follows:

            Budget Committee:  Sharon Scannell, Chair, Willie Day and J Gross members

            Personnel Committee:  Pat Skinner, Chair, Shirley Beaulieu and Mary Lee members

The Ad-Hoc Long-Range Planning Committee was suspended.


Needs Assessment Study:

There was considerable discussion about the appropriate first response to the passage of the warrant authorizing the study.  It was decided to circulate copies of the previous needs’ studies to all members, to consider outside consultants from both the Library and business sectors, and to form a committee to define a clear approach to the problems:  i.e., space capacity.

J Gross will chair the committee consisting of Pat Skinner, Willie Day, Murray Levin and Mary Lee.


Personnel Policy Article XX:  Tuition Reimbursement

The Board will consider the proposal to amend this article and vote on it next meeting.


Disposal of the Card Catalog:

John will speak with Dave Sullivan regarding the disposal of Town assets.  An ad has been place in the paper offering the two catalogs for sale for $200 each.


Dates of Meetings:

MOTION: was made by Sharon Scannell and seconded

            That there not be a meeting in July.

The motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: was made by Pat Skinner and seconded

That the November meeting be held on November 18, 2003, the third Tuesday rather than the second Tuesday which is Veteran’s Day.

The motion passed unanimously.


Social for Former Trustees:

There was discussion about having the Thank You Social at the Library or outside, perhaps the Searle’s School.  Sharon will speak with the F.L.O.W. Board about combining it with their annual banquet on June 11.



Willie noted that the Chair overlooked the office of Assistant Treasurer required by the By-laws.  There was a discussion of the need for this office, and it was agreed that the position is important.  J Gross was asked to fill the position and graciously accepted.



The next Trustee meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2003.

The Toastmasters meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 26 at 7 pm at the Senior Center.

John distributed papers on the USA PATRIOT ACT for the members to read prior to the next meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Lee Underhill


Draft subject to approval