October 10, 2000


PRESENT: J Gross, Chairman; Doug McDonald, Vice-Chairman; Pat Skinner,

Secretary; Debi Desrosiers, Treasurer; Holly Eddy, Vice- Treasurer; Rich Koeck,

Member; Murray Levin, Member; John Barrett, Ubrary Director; Diane Mayr,

Assistant Library Director

GUESTS: Lois Freeston, Bob Skinner.


J Gross called the meeting to order at 7:08PM.


MINUTES: Upon motion by Debi Desrosiers, second by Holly Eddy, the Board voted

to approve the minutes of the September 12, 2000 meeting as written.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Debi Desrosiers reported that with 75% of the year passed 70.7% of the

budget had been expended. The Treasurer's report was placed on file.


DIRECTOR'S REPORT: John Barrett reported that 7,707 items were in circulation during September.

There are 5,409 registered patrons. Volunteers logged 99.75 hours during September,

bringing the year-to-date total to 812.25 hours. The entryway people counter showed that

5,224 patrons visited the library during the month of September.


John presented a detailed report of events since the last Board meeting,

working copies of the 2001 budget, ongoing maintenance issues, technology issues,

and workspace needs.


Upcoming Youth Services events include 'Tackling the College Application Process'

on October 12th; the 4th-6th grade Book Discussion Group on October 17th; the High

School Advisory Board 'Scary Stories Night' on October 22nd; two Harry Potter events

on October 23rd and 25th; and a High School 'Poetry Night' tentatively

scheduled for November 10th. The Board was pleased to learn that Story Hours are full

to capacity with the exception of  one remaining 10:00 AM slot on Thursdays.


J Gross thanked John for the great detail and presentation of his Director's report.

The Director's Report was placed on file.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: J Gross reported that the construction loan interest will be

placed into a capital reserve fund in December.


The Board discussed the successful Library Open House and Dedication held on

October l' 2000. Rich Koeck expressed Board gratitude to FLOW, the library staff, the

Joe Fedorchuk family, Tom Case, Mary Griffin, Kelley Construction, Senator Klemm,

Mary Lee Underhill, and the American Legion for their incredible efforts to make the

event such a wonderful success.


OLD BUSINESS: Upon motion by Pat Skinner, second by Debi Desrosiers, the Board

voted to adopt staff job descriptions as prepared by the Structure Committee and

presented by Doug McDonald. J Gross thanked the committee members for their long

hours of work on the committee. The Structure Committee was retired.


John Barrett presented working copies of the 2001 budget as prepared by the Budget

Committee. The Board discussed the budget at length in preparation for the October

13th due date.


Debi Desrosiers continues to pursue engraving of the driveway entrance sign.


The Board discussed ongoing maintenance issues.


J Gross reported that he continues to await feedback from the CIP presentation of one month ago.


NEW BUSINESS: John Barrett and Lois Freeston reported their satisfaction with the amount of time

allocated to the library by Town Information Technology Director Eric DeLong.


The Board discussed preliminary work on the Long Range Plan.


The Board requested that John Barrett secure several estimates for installation of a

door bell, lighting at the outdoor book drop, interior painting of the cupola, and lighting

for the weathervane.


John Barrett reported that the State Library, in conjunction with the NH Library

Association, has nominated Board Trustee Pat Skinner as one of five New Hampshire

library advocates to be honored by the American Library Association.


The next regular Trustees meeting will be held at the library on November 14, 2000 at



The meeting adjourned at 9:58PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Jena Day, Recording Secretary