August 11, 1998


Present: Patricia Skinner, Chairman; Lucie Lachance, Vice Chairman; Wendy Denneen, Treasurer; Debi Desrosiers, Assistant Treasurer; Kathy Ivey, Secretary, J Gross, Member; Douglas McDonald, Member; Diane Mayr, Acting Director.

Excused: Jena Day, Recording Secretary.


Mrs. Skinner called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.


MINUTES: Upon motion by Douglas McDonald, and seconded by Debi Desrosiers, the minutes of the 7/21/98 meeting were approved by the board with the abstention of Kathy Ivey, who was not present at that meeting.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Wendy Denneen reported that as of 7/31/98, 48.7% of the annual budget had been expended. The current balances in all accounts were reviewed. The treasurer's report was placed on file.


ACTING DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Diane Mayr reported that 10,916 items were in circulation during July 1998, as compared to 9,182 for July 1997. There has been an overall increase in circulation of 21% over 1997. The current number of patrons is 7,021, which is an increase of 51 patrons since June 1998.


The summer reading program will end on 8/22, and 211 patrons were enrolled.


Story Hour registration for Fall 1998 will take place on 9/15/98.


91 Volunteer hours were logged in for July 1998.


A safety inspection was completed by the Fire Inspector, Ronald L. Hoegen, regarding the safety of the boiler room and the computer/electrical room. These rooms are secured and closed to the public.


Sirsi Unicorn '98 arrived in 7/27/98, and a demo by TLC "Library Solution" system is scheduled for 8/14/98.

Starting 9/98, the library will have on-line access to several reference databases free of charge.


BUILDING UPDATE: Doug McDonald will check with Dennis Mires regarding an estimate for ventilation of the electrical room. Ventilation and cooling issues continued to be addressed.


Upon motion by J Gross, and seconded by Lucie Lachance, the Board authorized J Gross to look into having a contractor reset the minimal damper settings and temperature reset controls, not the exceed $1200.00.


NEW BUSINESS: Mrs. Skinner announced that she has received five resumes for the Library Director's position. The closing date for accepting additional resumes is September 5, 1998.


Initial drafts of the Bulletin Board and Collection policies were given to the Board for a first reading.


The Board will review the Director's job description.


The Board will review the ADA requirements regarding access to the Library.


The next Trustees meeting is Tuesday, September 8, 1998 at 7:00 pm.


Upon motion by J Gross and seconded by Doug McDonald, the Board went into nonpublic session to discuss contractual issues in accordance with RSA91-A:3. Pat Skinner polled each member: Douglas McDonald, yes; Kathy Ivey, yes; Wendy

Denneen, yes; Debi Desrosiers, yes; J gross, yes; Lucie Lachance, yes; Pat Skinner, yes.


No action was taken.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Kathy Ivey, Secretary