Painting the Library

After 12 years of New England weather,

the Nesmith Library is getting a new coat of paint!


First clapboards were replaced and the siding was thoroughly cleaned. Now the primer is being applied.

Here's a helpful hint: this seasoned painter clips his paint pail onto his belt!  How convenient is that?!


Anyone afraid of heights?



Taped and ready

August 4 . . . a sunny day!
August 6 - another beautiful day, and the painters arrive early, as always, to begin!

After days of extreme heat and humidity, work continues on the trim. What a difference!


Next, the cupola . . .

Setting up the staging

August 28 - the day before Hurricane Danny is to pass through...


Even the areas only staff will see get careful attention.

What a difference over the entrance!

An extremely professional job!


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updated 08/31/09