Technical Services Room Renovations

Thanks to the Friends of the Library of Windham, the Nesmith Library was able to proceed with the renovations of  the Technical Services Room. When the library opened in 1997, this room was intended to house compact shelving for back issues of periodicals, storage for all library supplies and operations, and about 4 to 5 full and part time staff members.  Today 10 people work out of this space.

With the renovations, the space will be used more efficiently, and Library Director Carl Heidenblad will move his office into this space as well, freeing his former office for use as a public study room which is sorely needed.


First things first : staff computer workstations were moved to the Multipurpose Room so that work could continue uninterrupted.

Furniture was moved from the Technical Services Room to the Multipurpose Room

The Technical Services Room began to look pretty empty.
The area that held the compact shelving for magazines opened up a lot of space.  Compact shelving was donated to the Town Hall for their use.

Boy Scouts earning their Library Merit Badge helped us tremendously, with hard work and great attitudes!
They took a very brief water and donut break!

The Multipurpose Room filled up . . .

. . . as the office emptied!

Then the Scouts tackled the materials under the library eaves which had to be moved by fire code.
This included a lot of heavy metal shelving.
Now the Multipurpose Room is really full!

New carpet installation began in the Technical Services Room

Adhesive was applied

Beautiful results!

Windham Town Maintenance steps up to paint the room, saving the Library - and Town - more expense.  Thank you, Al and Jeff!


Everyone is so pleased with the results!  Moving in and finding storage for supplies is continuing.


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updated 09/14/11