Call to Recycle - Locations that accept rechargeable batteries and cell phones for recycling.

Earth911 - Lots of helpful information, along with a "Find a Recycling or Re-Use Location" section.

Freecycle Network - This is a local bulletin board where you can post what you want to give away - or look for something you want.  No money changes hands, and your unwanted stuff won't add to a landfill.  This site began in 2003, the network has more than 4,000 giveaway sites, and 3.8 million members.

Flushable Diapers!  - gDiapers can be flushed and safely reabsorbed into the ecosystem. "gDiaper's plastic-free flushables have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage, and no guilt. " According to gDiaper, 50 million diapers go to landfills each day - that's 20 billion per year (or 3.5 million tons)!

Go Green Travel Green - "Travel Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveler"

Myths debunked - includes some energy-saving information about appliances

Recycle old Crayons!

Recycle "technotrash"

Recycle VHS tapes!

Ways to "Go Green" at IdealBite.


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