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Certified Public Accountants Directory which also includes college, small business, and financial planning information.

Mutual Fund Connection, sponsored by the Investment Company Institute, offers brochures as well as other educational and reference materials on mutual fund facts and figures, retirement security issues, legislation, and more.

Hoovers - offers lots of free information; Hoover Business Directory has excellent links to all kinds of interesting sites, from college newspapers to estate planning and wills.

New Hampshire Department of State - Information on forms, fees, and filings for profit and non-profit businesses, trademarks, and more.

Smart Money calls itself "The Wall Street of Personal Business." Information on stocks, funds, bonds, investment tools, real estate, even analysis of your current job vs. a job offer, and more, are here! To focus on investment information, go to Smart Money's Marketmap.

Retirement/401(k) Planner - This site offers several choices including developing a retirement savings plan and deciding what kind of IRA is best for you.

Estate Planner - This Vanguard Web site includes financial planning advice for retirement, saving for college, and estate planning. 

U.S. Patent & Trade Office, although sometimes difficult to navigate, this site includes forms and information.

Legal Encyclopedia from Nolo, a well-known name in legal literature, also includes links to information about wills, copyright, immigration, lawsuits, real estate, and more.

Business Connections offers a selective guide (lightly annotated) to Internet business, financial and investing resources from the New York Times. Includes stock markets, investing, company information, and more. A great place to start for business information.

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Updated 12/29/09