The Friends of the Library of Windham

present the

29th Annual Strawberry Festival & Book Fair

Photos of The Book Fair 2012

This year, the Friends of the Library of Windham tried something different with their Book Fair to benefit the Nesmith Library.  After 3 days of sales at the Nesmith Library, volunteers hauled the books to the Windham High School to join the Strawberry Festival fun on Saturday, June 2.


Members of the Friends of the Library of Windham strategize placement of the thousands of books

With library attic shelves overflowing, the Friends' volunteers spend hundreds of hours sorting books nearly all year round to make them easy to find at the Book Fair. 

As you can see, there are times when the Friends of the Library, and the library, cannot accept more of the public's generous donations due to lack of space.


Non-fiction books are sorted by subject, just as they would be on the library shelves.


Many hands make "light" work (if hundreds of pound of books can be termed "light"!) - as books are brought down from the library attic to the Multipurpose Room.


Books for every interest!


Some of the helpers take a break!


Finding the perfect book!

On Friday afternoon volunteers again help move thousands of books to the Windham High School for the Strawberry Festival on Saturday.

The books were moved out in record time!

Books at the High School and ready for more sales!

Constant crowds found bargains galore!


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updated 06/05/12