Strawberry Festival and Book Sale

June 2, 2007



Early morning - quiet except for the bustle of volunteers setting up for the Festival !


Thousands of books await eager buyers, and tables are ready for those enjoying the delicious foods.

Setting up one of the most important areas  - Strawberry Shortcakes for sale!!


Getting signs in order is important !  All these generous sponsors!

These two young helpers were great!!

Workers were very happy that the Village Bean Concession was open early!



The FLOW Membership table is nearly ready.





A huge favorite : The Windham Community Band, under the direction of Jarred Cassedy .



A hidden talent: Library Director Carl Heidenblad directs the Windham Community Band!


These Strawberry Shortcakes are the BEST!




The crowds begin to arrive.




An outdoor book sale tempted buyers while they waited to enter the book sale within.



One of many Good Sports in the Dunk Tank : Center School Principal Andy Desrosiers


The water never warmed up....



You can see the ball headed for its mark! And another Good Sport, Library Director Carl Heidenblad, gets dunked again!


Just a few of the many cute Festival children!


One of the hardworking FLOW Friends with her adorable baby.


The Windham Police Department thrilled children by measuring how fast they could throw.


The Windham Fire Department wins the Pie Eating Contest - AGAIN!!


The 15 year olds and above did great, too!

And  the winner is.....


Thanks to the Windham Fire Department for making many children very happy!


The Winning T-Shirt Design 



More crowds


And more


Everyone enjoyed the many demonstrations.




And then relaxed over some delicious food and shortcakes!


Thanks very much to the Celebrity Chefs!


The crowds lessen, the clean-up begins!



Note all those empty boxes under the table!

Another very successful Strawberry Festival and Book Sale thanks to the incredible Friends of the Library, volunteers, and all their generous sponsors!


Updated 06/05/07