Go Batty with Jerry Schneider

Sponsored by

F.L.O.W., the Friends of the Library of Windham


The Nesmith Library was happy to host educator Jerry Schneider of Morpho Productions on

Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 6:30pm. 

So much to learn!


A fun project!  (T-Shirts provided by FLOW!)

An awesome finished project!



Jerry Schneider, a Vermont native, has performed nature programs for the past ten years throughout the Northeast, the Midwest, and along the Atlantic Seaboard.  Since 2003, he has done presentations about BATS in schools and libraries, using wonderful slide photographs by Merlin D. Tuttle and Bat Conservation International.  This program introduces audiences to local and tropical bats. Via slides and taped bat calls, the audience moves beyond old stereotypes to understand the vital role of bats, which help control pesky insects, pollinate night blooming flowers, and are valuable dispersers of seeds.  Audiences learn about bats in our attics, building bat houses, vampire bats, migration and hibernation.


The program concluded with the children creating their own bat tee shirt to bring home. 


Special thanks to F.L.O.W., the Friends of the Library of Windham, for making this, and many other programs possible. 

With F.L.O.W.ís continued support, the Nesmith Library is able to offer additional top quality programming to our cardholders.



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updated 10/30/09